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What We Are About

BETTER BONEZ is the first monthly subscription box with a mission to supply dogs with premium PLANET FRIENDLY bones & treats while giving back to  


We provide the widest range of premium NATURAL treats and big game bones such as FREE-RANGE BISON, ELK, & BEEF. Our bones and treats contain no, gluten, grains, artificial preservatives, or flavors. No other products are as close to nature. 

Better Bonez is different because we only send out natural bones and treats, NOT a bunch of cheap toys & unhealthy products.



  • Denver

    The dogs of the Great Outdoors LOVE them
    "BETTER" bonez!

  • Austin

    In that sizzling heat of Austin, the dogs love to relax with a better bone and a nice glass of Red;)

  • Seattle

    For the rainy day blues, a better bone will help your dog with his nap time.

  • Portland

    Hitting the streets of Portland deserves a better bone treat!

  • Otis

    Hey, I'm just a regular kind of guy, so don't give me anything that is loaded with a bunch of chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

    "My stomach is sensitive and I can't handle that artificial stuff."

    I like those Better Bonez. Better for me and better for the planet... hey it's my world too.


  • Sam

    I'm just looking to relax and enjoy a good old fashioned wholesome, natural, & organic dog bone. Is that too much to ask?

    "That other box that used to come never had the right size bone for me. That's why I dig those Better Bonez."

    Loving the taste of these bones and treats. Kinda reminds me of the good old days of real food!


  • Maggie

    My name is Maggie and let me tell you... I have had A LOT of different types of bones, raw-hides, and treats. I have had many different reactions to them. One time I ate some that didn't work well with my body and caused me to itch and lose some of my hair. I discovered it was the gluten and artificial ingredients in my treats. As soon as I stopped eating them and switched to Better Bonez, I felt so much, well.. better!

    "I love feeling the sand between my feet as I run on the beach in this light breeze. Can I have that better bonez raw hide that is in your hand, that you keep teasing me with? Humans, if they only knew we have them trained to give us what we want."

    Then there was this one time when something didn't sit well with me. That never happens with Better Bonez.


What the good folks and dog owners are saying...

  • Press 1
    "What can I say, my dog loves this stuff. I get a new box every month and my dog Mojo loves the bones and treats."
  • Press 2
    My dog was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, so we had to switch her to a grain-free, natural, organic diet. We were concerned with bones and treats that the other box company was sending. We switched her to Better Bones and they delivered, literally, the best dog bones and treats on the planet"
  • Press 3
    My Fox Red Lab, Hendrix... he always gets excited when he smells that box of organic and natural bones and treats sitting at the door."
  • Press 4
    I'm always reluctant to buy treats and bones from pet stores. I don't know what's in them or where they came from. So now I have Better Bonez delivered. They are dedicated to the health of dogs and deliver the best products."
  • Press 5
    "I switched from using another monthly box of dog goodies that were not working well with my dogs digestion. Better Bonez has made all the difference in the world for my dog."
  • Press 6
    "My dog has never been happier with these treats and bones from Better Bonez."